Hello my name is Philip Hilton The Celtic Shaman (The Good Vibes Guy). Like most people I am a product of the events and people of my life, below is a sketch of my life and how I came to be the person I am today.



I began channelling in 1995, after a series of synchronistic events. These events acted as triggers and began a process which opened up my mind to not only the possibility of channelling, but also to the process. I had for many months prior to my first channelling experience, been meditating daily on a chosen Tarot card. This particular night everything was as before and I fell into what I presumed was a deep meditation. However the reality and full weight of the event only came to light after I came out of the meditation. My then partner asked me what had just happened. And I had no knowledge that anything unusual had occurred. She then told me that during my meditation I had spoken in a completely different voice and had communicated some very interesting spiritual information. At this time neither of us believed that I had channelled anything. We were of the opinion that I had fallen asleep and the communication or message was nothing but rubbish rising up from my sub-conscious mind.

Channelled Communications

A few days later we tried again. This time I went into a meditation with a channelling agenda in mind. My partner sat ready with pen and paper. This time when I awoke, I found a message which was very unlike anything I would have dreamed of. The speech patterns were different and there was no denying that it was a distinct spiritual message and that it came from a different source than that of my own mind or knowledge. Not only did the channelling continue, but it became an important part of my life. To begin with there seemed to be a number of different communicators all from The Pleiades and all with interesting information of an uplifting nature. As the years went on and the messages continued, many different communicatorsí voices came forward to be heard, whether it was through direct vocal communication or via automatic writing. Among those who have communicated have been the following Archangelís Michael, Gabrael, Hanael, Raphael, Urael, Metatron, Jesus, Mary, Quan Yin. There have been many others, but these are among the more well known. The messages have been on a great many subjects from universal love to environmental awareness and so much in-between. For a number of years the messages were shared through the spiritual development websites and forums I co-owned and managed, some of these were Lux Deus, Light After Dark and Lumiere Universelle.

Channelled attunements


Recently channelled information has taken a more direct approach and has been in the form of direct spiritual attunements to healing systems. I channelled the Neteru Egyptian healing system and have had the pleasure of attuning a large number of students to this powerful healing modality.  I am at the time of writing this, working on new healing systems and attunements which will be ready during the coming months.




10 years ago I found out I was a Walk-In and came into this body when it was aged 8 years old in 1971. This came as a complete surprise but made a lot of sense to me, as it put many missing pieces into place within my lifeís jigsaw puzzle. Someone asked me outright if I was a Walk-In and my reaction to their question was very odd indeed. Instead of finding the question strange I felt deep pent up emotions, uncontrolled emotions. Part of me wanted to run away from the question and still another part of me wanted to embrace it. I had the opportunity a few days later through a channelling session to have the question answered and it was from that moment that my life changed. I am Pleiadian and came into the body to heal and to work in spiritual development areas. I work under the guidance of Archangel Michael.

Death & Growing Up

 I had more confirmation in the days to come and the whole Walk-In experience became a part of who I was very quickly. As I looked back on my life I could see so many of the classic signs of a Walk-In. A fatal accident at the age of eight, in my case drowning and being declared dead for 9 minutes. Followed by a disconnection from my family. Many times during my childhood I would ask my mother whether I had been adopted. Yes my own family felt like strangers who I boarded with. I found it hard to make friends and became the prey of the school bullies, as I must have stood out as different. From about the age of 9 I would spend my time in museums where I would stand for hours just staring at the artefacts. Within a year I began to write backwards in school. Every letter I was taught to write, each thing I copied from the blackboard was in reverse. The mirror writing lasted for about a year and stopped without further incident. No one could understand why it had occurred and why it had suddenly stopped of its own accord.


Spiritual Medium

As I became an adult I found that I had a very different outlook from that of my peers. The things that were important to me seemed odd to the few friends I had made along the way. All things artistic, as well as supernatural intrigued me. Everything else I found unimportant. The spiritual became my main interest and I researched and studied all the worldsí major religions and belief systems, as well as a lot of minor ones. I read philosophy and history. I felt as though I were searching for something, but no matter how hard I looked, or how much I studied I was unable to put my finger on just what it was that I was looking for.

With Uri Geller

In 1993 I began practicing such things as Mediumship and divination. Within weeks I was making contact with spirit and working with my guides. I became a card reader and tried anything and everything spiritual that I could, including pendulum dowsing, Tarot, Psychometry, past life work, cleansing and much more. I became an initiated witch in 1994. A short time after this I drifted into.During 2001-2003 I began working as practicing spiritual medium. At this time I also worked with various paranormal investigation groups. In 2008 I discovered Druidry and this together with Celtic Shamanism has become my chosen spiritual path. 

With Derek Acorah


In 2002 I met Raine while teaching on a development website; she was also a teacher there. It was at this time that I was told during a channelled communication that Raine was my Twinflame. This revelation meant very little as I knew nothing about the subject, but somehow it felt odd and strange, but in a good way. Both Raine and I read as much as we could on the subject. For weeks the more we talked the more we needed to. We began to discover that our whole lives had been an echo of each otherís. We found that the more contact we had with each other online, the more in tune we became and the more time together we craved.

We could sense each other and heal each otherís pain. As we read information concerning Twinflames we kept coming across the fact that once they are re-united, some Twinflames can never bear to be parted again and that it can be the end of any relationships that they are in. Neither of us wanted to hear this, as we were both involved in relationships of ten years standing. However within a two-month period we had split from our former partners and Raine had left her native city and come to be with me. Today we are happier than it is possible to describe. We are each other in every way. We think alike, finish each otherís sentences and work together perfectly. The last thing I see before sleep is my true love and she is also the first thing I see when I awake each morning, what more reward from the universe could I ever ask.


I am and have always been first and foremost a healer. I am a master teacher in many different healing disciplines including  Reiki, Hawaiian Reiki, Celtic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki,  Ama Deus Shamanic Healing System and the Egyptian systems of Seichim, Cartouche, Ra-Sheeba and many others.

Stress Management & Meditation

I am a Stress Consultant and also offer Relaxation Therapy and Meditation training.


I am a practicing Shaman. I offer a comprehensive list of Shamanic services from Soul rescue and property cleansing to divination and Counselling and so much more.


After years of study and experimentation, I have formulated my own unique series of techniques, which I term Shadow-Weaving. This is a shamanic system which uses various techniques to balance the dark and light aspects of people and places. Its inspiration comes from a diverse mixture of shamanism, Feng Shui, Vastu & Jungian shadow work.


I am a Tarot Master and have been reading both Tarot and Oracle cards for over 15 years. In addition to the cards I also use other forms of divination such as Runes, Iching & Ogham Sticks.

Shamanic Life Coaching & Spiritual Counselling

I use a psychospiritual approach to my work taking as my foundation the fact that people are mind, body & spirit and all three elements must always be taken into account when addressing any life challenges, or issues. I have trained in psychotherapy, NLP, hypnotherapy and stress management and am a registered member of the UK charity Counselling CCC reg

Attunements & Healing

I offer both distance healing as well as distance attunements in many different forms of healing. These include traditional Reiki, Seichim, Cartouche and many others.


As a writer I have written a great many articles and have written for a large number of websites. I hold three writing qualifications including a diploma in opinion Writing & Reviewing. I also write courses and act as course tutor for an online distance learning college, CTJT Effective Online Courses.



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