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Shamanic Services


All services offered are Distance only services and as such are offered around the world, with no exception. Click any of the headings below to go to that service's main page.


Soul Rescue Soul rescue or as it is also known Soul Retrieval is a very delicate shamanic procedure, where the shaman journey's to a lost soul part in an effort to reunite it with the soul-whole. It is something not to be undertaken lightly. However when it is successful, there is a major transformation for the person involved.


Property Cleansing

Just as we feel the need to wash and bathe away the fatigue at the end of a busy day, so too do our properties need cleansing. House cleansing removes the stale stuck energy. We are not talking spiritual entities,(these can also be connected with the property and can be dealt with too)no stuck energy is not so much negative energy, it is more waste and needs moving on, in order for it to be energetically recycled.

During a house cleanse, I will dowse the property using a floor plan and will check for various types of energies. Once I have an idea of how things are, I will undertake a shamanic journey to the property and cleanse it. I will also re-balance the energy and make certain that a free flow is moving through the various areas. I will provide detailed feedback and you will also have unlimited email support both during and after the service.


Shamanic House Tune-Up

What I offer with The good vibes Tune-Up is no less than a full healing session for your home. This service will of course include a full cleanse, as well as a complete elemental balance. A card reading will be conducted for the home and a full shamanic journey will take place. If anything of a physical nature is needed, I will advise you of all the steps needed to fulfil this in your detailed feedback.


Personal & Property Cleansing

 I can  offer consultation, advice and where appropriate the safe removable of parasitic invasions of people and property.


I use the term negative energy as an umbrella term to cover a great many different types of phenomena, these can include one or more of the following;


Low level negative entities

Nature spirits


Higher level negative entities

Geopathic stress

Phantom recordings


Psychopomp Service

The services listed below can vary depending on individual circumstances and requirements. 

There are many times this service might be needed, such as any of the following:



  • A person making the transition from life to death.
  • A Pet/Animal making the transition from life to death.
  • Working through grief and finding the life beyond.
  • Coming to terms with the end of relationships. 
  • Work/Career upheavals and Empty Nest Syndrome




Tarot & Oracle Readings

I am a Tarot Master and can offer my clients over 15 years of experience in the field of divination. I have worked physically (face to face) and at a distance (telephone lines, internet) and have found both to be as effective and as powerful as each other. As a psychic and intuitive I am able to tune into a client’s energy and also the spiritual realms and so can offer far more than simply a run-of-the-mill reading. I offer true divination, using methods which have been tried and tested down the years.


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