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 Ascended Master

I have had some amazing experiences with Lightarian energies over the last few years; they have had such a huge impact on my life, health and spiritual wellbeing in so many ways. 

These attunements have all affected me in different ways, with each systems I have felt my confidence grow, personal issues, fears and negative cycles of behaviour have been released, I find it easier to be empathic but without it impacting my own health and well being. It has increased my awareness and my intuitive abilities; I have a stronger connection with my guides. I feel more firmly planted on my spiritual path, more sure of myself.

One of the biggest impacts it has had on me is my weight loss of 5 stone, something quite a few people have also remarked on happening to them. As empaths we often store excess fat as a way of acting as a buffer against the energies of others, a way of protecting ourselves. Now I find it easier to make healthier choices when eating and I donít actually feel drawn the bad things anymore. I even felt drawn to stop drinking alcohol and now 2 years on I donít miss it all, just doing that really boosted my spiritual abilities. It gave me the confidence to join a gym something I would never have felt able to do before.

Obviously these energies affect everyone differently depending on what they need to experience or release.

These powerful celestial connections to the Archangels, Buddha and other Ascended Masters have opened up a whole new level of extraordinary energies for a new age in spiritual development. They offer deep clearing and removal of issues, negative cycles of behaviour, fears and phobias, and blockages from all aspects of your life. They aid in encouraging and supporting you through all of lifeís changes, helping you release the past and to embrace the future.

As you can see from above the six systems which make up the Lightarian energies are divided into three tracks, this is ideal for those wanting to work specifically with Angels, Ascended Masters or Master Buddha specifically.

Each system you take is registered with the Lightarian Institute; this keeps the lineage pure and ensures that each new facilitator is fully trained and competent to pass on these energies. The manuals are sent in paper format, an unusual choice for this way of working but it has proved to be a good one as it prevents the manuals from being passed around online by those who are untrained in the systems. These are very powerful streams of energy so it is important that procedure is followed and any prerequisites attunements are taken first, especially in the case of Lightarian Reiki.

There is a full description of each system when you click each link, if you have any further questions  or wish to make a booking please donít hesitate to get in touch.


Individual Systems
  • Ascended Master Track:   £300 
  • Angelic Track:   £300 
  • Buddhic Track: If including the Ascension Bands Bridge single attunement   £250  OR If including all 6 levels of the Ascension Bands it will be  - £300

A new guideline as to the timing of each attunement has been released from the Lightarian Institute, so this may differ from those recommended in some of the original manuals.

Please note bookings for attunement sessions are 9am -5pm GMT Mon-Thurs. Please consult the World Clock  for your time zone.

Please note due to a poor internet and phone connection, Skype or phone contact is not possible.  Contact regarding attunements and appointments will  sent by email only.

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